Character Settings

Base Mesh with anchors meshes for clothes #

Character mesh structure

Base material that is applied to all body objects #

The material has a custom shader to customize the color of the character

In case of material change, the character color scene system will not work

Blendshape animations, can be used as emotion animations, etc. #

All character blendshap #

List of all blendshapes for the system to work

The group parameter divides blendshapes into 3 groups (Body, Face, Extra (for backpack, accessory blendshapes))

Outfit Presets #

List of outfit presets

The YOffset parameter mainly used for high shoes to keep the character’s feet from crossing the ground

Settings Selector #

Selectors that can be used to change a character’s gender or type

Animator and Avatar #

When loading a character, the specified animator and avatar will be used

Character Generator #

Randomizer that will randomly dress up the character, change colors, etc.

Default Selected Elements #

Specifies what elements of the character will be automatically equipped when loading settingsѡ

-1 = not equip

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